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The Region of Fez-Meknes is one of the twelve new regions of Morocco established by the territorial division of 2015.

It includes two prefectures (Fez and Meknes) and seven provinces (Séfrou, Boulemane, Moulay Yacoub, Ifrane, El hajeb, Taza and Taounate).

Events in the region of Fez-Meknes

* Following the current pandemic, we inform you that the dates 2021 are not precisely defined.

14 avril 2021 SIAM Meknès
8 Jul 2021 Festival des Musiques Sacrées du Monde
5 Jul 2021 Festival International de Volubilis
5 Jul 2021 Festival Akham Inchaden
9 oct 2021 Festival Musique Andalouse
25 mar 2021 Festival de Meknès
5 Jul 2021 Festival National d'Ahidous
5 Jul 2021 Festival National des Arts de la Rue
1er au 15 novembre et 1er au 15 mars
13 jun 2021 festival des cerises
5 Jul 2021 Festival Musique Soufi
1 Jul 2021 Moussems

About the Platform

Created by tourism operators, the collective of tourism professionals in the Fès-Meknes region is intended to be a collective of solidarity and mutual aid between all tourism professionals operating in this sector.

This associative and apolitical grouping is home to more than 200 professionals whose common objective is to embody the strong values of the Fez Meknes region, namely: ethics, solidarity, sharing, responsibility and commitment.

And because people are at the center of his concern, staying true to values is an important component in the vision he has agreed with all of its members.

The collective also aims to promote regional hospitality, and let visitors discover the countless treasures abounding in our beautiful region, Fes Meknes.


General presentation

Located in the North Center of Morocco, the region of Fès-Meknes, whose capital is located in the city of Fez, was instituted like the 11 other regions of the Kingdom, in accordance with decree n ° 2.15.10 of February 20, 2015, fixing the number of regions, their names, their capitals and the prefectures and provinces which compose them, published in the Official Bulletin n ° 6340 of March 05, 2015.

The Region is made up of 2 prefectures (Fès and Meknes) and 7 provinces (Taounate, Taza, Sefrou, El Hajeb, Boulemane, My Yacoub and Ifrane)